Nestled among some of Greece’s most spectacular scenery, Negroponte Resort reflects and celebrates our commitment to the natural environment

Use photocell taps in all public restrooms to stop the flow of the water when there is no need for it.
Double flow toilet flush in all hotel WC.
In every bathroom there are wall mounted certified soap dispensers installed in order to minimize the amount of water needed for rinsing.
Wash on demand program for room linen and towels saving water, energy and reducing the use of detergent.
Water and energy saving information signs near all the taps used by the staff.
Water softening treatment to assure maximum efficiency of the detergents and of the washing machines.
State-of-the-art glass and dish washing machines with heat recovery consuming the minimum amount of energy and detergents.
All the cleaning products are eco-labelled and are produced from biodegradable sources.
Shampoo and soap dispensers in all rooms allowing the decrease in usage of individual plastic bottles. The environmentally friendly composition of the soap with less glycerin ensures the minimum amount of water for rinsing.
ECO label detergents and cleaning products in Housekeeping and food & beverage outlets.
Filter the frying oil daily with Vito® filter systems, ensuring the longer life span of oils thus diminishing oil usageuseage.
Decrease of frying oil usage in the kitchen for frying by using state-of-the-art ovens.
Reusable plastic caps at the beach and the pool.
Water fountain in public areas to reduce the usage of single use plastic water bottles.
Paper packaging for food delivery on the beach and swimming pool.
WWF against food waste information posters in all the food and beverage outlets.