Awarded with the Green Key eco-label, we aim to recycle and promote environmental stewardship in our daily operations.

Batteries: There is a special bin for the collection of batteries at the reception.
Light bulbs: There are special bins for the collection of every kind of burned-out light bulbs
Materials: Customers of Negroponte Resort Eretria can be a part of our scheme of recycling waste based on their material – paper, plastic, aluminum, glass. In central parts of the hotel and outdoors, there are bins for the collection of such materials.
Electrical and electronic devices: In collaboration with a certified recycling agent, we collect and send all the materials to be recycled.
Cooking greases and oils: In collaboration with a certified agent, we recycle all the greases and oils used in the kitchens of our hotel.
Returned bottles: Where possible we use returned glass bottles for refreshment and mineral water in restaurants.