Sports & other outdoor fun

Evia holds a special appeal for adventurers. From kayaking in the turbulent waters of the Evripos strait to horseback-riding at Malakonta, near Eretria, there are outdoor activities to be found all around the island.

Hikers will love exploring the trails around Mt Nikolaos (and then resting in the mountain lodge) or walking between the Drimonas waterfalls on Mt Ksiros.

In southern Evia, you can enjoy a four-hour hike along the Dimosaris Gorge or climbing Mt Ohi, overlooking the central Aegean.

Finally, why not delve into the mysteries of the famous drakospita, or dragon houses, at Palli Laka – the Cyclopean constructions attributed to the pre-Hellenic Dryopes, a tribe thought to have had supernatural powers?

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